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Our Telemedicine Service: FAQs

Q: Is Meamedicus Telemedicine Consultation available to any public patient with internet access?

A: No. Our service is currently available to patients with existing Physician-Patient relationships with our affilliated providers. In addition, we expect that telemedicine patients would have been seen in-person at least once within 1 year of a telemedicine consultation.


Q: Is Telemedicine Consultation covered by Insurance plans?

A: Very few plans cover telemedicine, however, this coverage continues to broaden as telemedicine is increasingly recognized as a major primary care healthcare tool. The typical cost of $49 per consult however is similar to a regular office visit co-pay and much less than an ER or Urgent Care Clinic co-pay, resulting in a more valuable experience factoring the convenience and the back up of your local Physicians / PCP in our program. We also have an application that can check your coverage on check-in.


Q: I'm a Medicare patient, is this available to me?

A: We are able to provide certain services via telemedicine for patients signed up for and receiving Chronic Care Management (CCM) services from our affilliated providers. Please call Primehealth Medical Center, P.C. at 901-372-5260 or affilliated practices for more information. CMS (Medicare) has approved payment of CCM services for Medicare patients with 2 or more chronic medical conditions. 



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